Asians blue eyes raw vegan diet

By | June 30, 2020

asians blue eyes raw vegan diet

Whether it’s in the morning eating toast, at work on my lunch break, or at night, when I’m unable to sleep and I spoon peanut butter from the jar like the disgusting mouth breather I am, you can guarantee I’ll be hypnotized by what some year-old who still lives at home and is studying for her college entrance exams has consumed that day. I spend too much time watching YouTube videos about vegan food. Like, every fucking day. It was only a matter of time, then, before I stumbled across a dark secret. The queen of this phenomenon is Fully Raw Kristina. Her video in which she explains how her eyes changed from brown to blue-green on a raw vegan diet has over 2 million views. She went to an iridologist, who explained that each part of your body and organs is reflected in your eye. It’s like reflexology, where your body is mapped out on your foot, but with your eye. Using iridology, you can see if there are internal problems.

There is a theory in alternative medicine that the color of the irises and the health of internal organs are connected. This direction in medicine is called iridology but since it doesn’t have a sufficient evidence base, it is considered pseudoscientific. But Dr. Robert Morse, a health expert who’s had a quarter of a million patients, believes that the outer quadrant of the eye is connected with the health of the brain while the inner circle is connected with the digestive system. He says that plenty of fruits and vegetable in your diet can change the color of your eyes and he even created a series of videos dedicated to his research. You can see how her diet has changed the color of her eyes. According to Dr. Morse, the high concentration of yellow hues signifies a large number of toxins. She managed to improve the work of her digestive system and monitored how the color of her eyes changed from green-brown to a lighter and more intense green, she also managed to change the white part of her eyes to be more clear and bright white. Apart from that, Dr. Morse says that every person’s pigment is unique and requires an individual analysis.

HCLF or Rawtil4 vegans are claiming their eyes have changed from brown to blue as a result of their diets. You can see how her diet has changed the color of her eyes. My mom is a Latina and has brown eyes. Apart from that, Dr. This article is referring to people who have blue eyes that appear brown because of poor health. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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