Bruce lee diet plan

By | November 20, 2020

bruce lee diet plan

Bruce Lee is famous for his devotion to martial arts and his great abilities in this field. He was not only an exceptional martial artist, but also a serious bodybuilder. He firmly believed that diet and nutrition played a very important role in achieving his objectives. However, he was not an expert in nutrition, he gained most of his information from bodybuilding magazines and experimented with different supplements in addition to eating a well balanced healthy diet. Generally Bruce Lee avoided refined flour. It is worth mentioning that today many people attribute irritable bowel syndrome to the excess consumption of refined flours. His philosophy was not to consume calories that did not provide some benefit to the body. For excessive food obstructs the flow of the breath as it goes in and out, induces lassitude lack of vitality, sleepiness, and kills all valour. As too much food has unfortunate consequences, also starvation does not lead to efficiency.

He also did not believe in depriving yourself. Bruce Lee was constantly experimenting on himself and seeing what worked for his body. His beliefs on nutrition still inspire people today. Tragically, Bruce Lee passed away at the age of 32 due to complications of a prescription painkiller. He ate primarily Chinese dishes. Lee would consume two protein drinks a day, mixing in eggs, wheat germ, peanut butter, bananas, brewers yeast and granular lechitin. He was a master of sticking to a diet and choosing the right foods to fuel his body.

In addition to protein shakes, Bruce Lee took a number of vitamins daily. As it has already been said, this must be for marketing reasons, since the dominican brewery payed for some expences of the advertisings for the innauguration of John Rhees Tae Kwon Do school there, who came personally to Dominican Republic accompained by Bruce Lee for this purpose. After a long training session, Bruce Lee would consume some of his favorite foods such as Chinese and Japanese food. Okay, Kyle So, it seems that he did not drink at all. Soft drinks were also listed as consumed during his last day in his autopsy report. My name is Lecroy “Lee” Rhyanes, Jr. Give me the one I came for AND the hundreds of others! Before Bruce Lee began weightlifting and working out for 4 hours a day, he had the body of a regular person. The Bruce Lee diet plan consists of a balanced diet that includes proper nutrition and eating foods that provide essential nutrients.

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