Food list for low histamine diet

By | September 21, 2020

food list for low histamine diet

By way of a reminder, the food list — or even any other food lists you will come across via different resources such as the internet — are ONLY to be viewed as a form of guidance, and not as authorities in themselves. This is because many HIT sufferers have to cope with multiple intolerances, such that commencing an elimination diet without a diagnosis by a doctor and consultation with a dietician is not advisable. If you abide by this guidance, you should be able to notice a positive change after about 4 weeks of the elimination diet. HIT sufferers have different thresholds, i. If you have ticked all the boxes up to this point, then we suppose it is safe to wish you the best towards a better quality of life. It is important to eat foods that are low in histamine levels in accordance to your threshold. Foods that have been reported to have lower histamine levels and are thus to be preferred. An elimination diet takes around 4 weeks. By then you should feel a lot better. Then it is time to figure out your personal threshold. The Food List.

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Histamine sensitivity is tricky to diagnose, because the symptoms are often very vague, and not obviously connected to any particular food. Some people notice allergy-like reactions itching, rashes, wheezing, or skin sensitivity ; others have totally different symptoms like constipation, stomach upset, or brain fog. Some histamines occur naturally in foods; but others are formed as a food ages explaining why aged, fermented, and smoked foods are among the worst offenders. Biological aging is an imprecise process, so estimating the amount of histamine in a food is very tricky. When your system is over- loaded with high-histamine foods, even a little additional histamine can be bad. But if you get rid of the worst offenders, you might be able to enjoy the moderate-histamine foods without an issue. But as this study shows, most histamine-sensitive people can find relief just by eliminating or even reducing the very high-histamine foods, and by choosing low-histamine foods as their staples. This section has two parts. Part 1 contains recipes that are low in histamines as written; Part 2 will help you lower the histamine content of common recipes without losing flavor, by using a clever substitute for vinegar or other tangy foods. Substituting the moderate-histamine vegetables is fairly simple.

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