How to kick diet soda

By | November 17, 2020

how to kick diet soda

Well, whatever gets you past the finish line! Every can was a mini celebration. Thank You so much for your article! I cannot BELIEVE how my taste buds have changed, to go from honestly kind of loathing green tea and tolerating plain soda water to craving and loving both. I have a few more left in the fridge but think this could be the push I need, so thanks for writing about it! I think this step will help me to tackle other areas. Now my addiction is full blown again.

It has become a very bad habit. Reward: Ahh! Identify what you love about soda and replace it with something healthier. But worse was that dull, gray feeling like my day had flatlined into a treat-free zone with no pick-me-ups on the horizon. Good for you girl! For the most part, I probably average about a can a week. While coffee has its own controversies, it also has a ton of health benefits which one cannot say for our naughty friend! Leave a Comment.

Vegan Chocolate Shake : Raw cacao powder provides a little caffeine, and plenty of antioxidants. Sounds like you are having a very similar experience to mine. Im on day 4 of no diet coke, day 6 of ending my 27 year addiction to Diet Coke! I pulled a big tub of cookie dough out of the freezer and used a screwdriver to break off chunks so I could eat them raw. But as soon as I had my first stressful day at work, I was back in the warm glow of the vending machine. Did diet coke contribute to my predicament? So was happy to come across your article. Wean yourself off slowly. Nailed it!

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