Keto diet affect on kaposi sarcoma

By | July 9, 2020

keto diet affect on kaposi sarcoma

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Kaposi’s sarcoma KS is a disease in which cancer cells are found in the tissues under the skin or mucous membranes that line the mouth, nose, and anus. Kaposi’s sarcoma consists of characteristic skin lesions that range from flat to raised purple plaques. These tumors have a rich network of small blood vessels, and red blood cells moving slowly through these channels lose their oxygen, changing from red to blue. The mixture of red and blue cells gives the KS lesion a characteristic purple color. There are several forms of KS, based on cause rather than appearance. In the s a large number of cases were found in Africa, and the incidence has dramatically increased since then. KS was later found to be a common result of an alteration of body immunity. There are two circumstances under which this alteration takes place. The first is when depression of the immune system is part of some treatment, for example in kidney or other organ transplants. To prevent the foreign organ from being rejected, powerful drugs are given to shut down the immune system.

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