One meal a day diet bodybuilding

By | August 2, 2020

one meal a day diet bodybuilding

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Last edited by L0cky; at AM. I eat twice a day Still making gains Still losing bf Weight fluctuating around the kg mark Do it. Used to do OMAD but then read that it’s better for protein synthesis to break up protein intake. Someone confirm if this is true or bro science. Originally Posted by J I did intermittent fasting which is similar to one meal a day, but I’ve found it is very hard to have the best possible workout when you are only eating once a day. It’s a lot harder to eat multiple meals a day because they all have to be planned however I know it will actually make my workouts better. Originally Posted by TheBodfather Dont you mean 1 eating blok?

Read with an open mind and consult with a physician before making any dietary and supplemental changes!!! Conventional human advice says to eat 6 small meals and never ever have an empty belly if you want to make gains. They get eaten by the powerful wolves and big cats who eat huge meaty meals way less frequently and have remained at the top of the food chain since the beginning of time. Hence why I threw the notion of eating small meals once a day out the window years ago and started eating like a wolf or a big cat instead. Fast for as long as possible and eat one giant meal containing all of your calories. I recently did 30 days of one meal a day and got cut up quicker than any other time in my life. The only acceptable things to consume during a fast are water, coffee, or tea. All overdoing it on the fluids will do is cause you to pee out all of your nutrients.

Think fasting is just for dieters or skinny hipsters? Think again. Here’s what one coach and meathead discovered by giving up his traditional eating schedule and embracing the hunger! Years ago, I would have been right there with you. In fact, I used to call intermittent fasting “intermittent starving. That means eating every hours. If I went longer than that without a tuna sandwich or a mass-blaster mega-millions shake that tasted how the drywall section of Home Depot smells, I was sure I’d waste away into the physique of a crisis actor.

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