Red meat and water diet

By | October 13, 2020

red meat and water diet

Beef for lunch, beef for dinner and perhaps a little bone broth for breakfast sounds like a foodie’s nightmare, but the so-called “carnivore diet” has been gaining traction — on social media at least. Expunging everything except meat and animal products, the carnivore diet has been heavily promoted this year by former United States military trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Shawn Baker, who has been eating up to 2. Dr Baker is in his 50s and attributes the zero-carb, high-protein diet for overcoming joint pain and tendinitis, improving his sleep, normalising blood pressure and returning his libido to what it was in his 20s. The Instagram hashtag Mr Baker promotes, meatheals, has more than , posts, while other hashtags such as carnivorediet has , posts, zerocarb has , posts, and eatmeat has , posts. The diet’s popularity is growing despite conventional attitudes towards meat consumption, including from the likes of the Australian Heart Foundation, which earlier this year updated its guidelines on what to eat to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It suggested Australians should eat no more than three meals totalling just grams of unprocessed beef, pork, lamb or veal each week, and it should be eaten together with vegetables and wholegrains. Among influencers espousing a meat-heavy diet is outspoken Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, who adopted a meat-only diet thanks to his daughter, Mikhalia Peterson although he has refused to recommend it to anyone else. Ms Peterson only consumes ruminant meat, salt and water in what she calls “the lion diet”. She attributes a “drastic dietary intervention” in to successfully “treating herself for multiple chronic severe idiopathic disorders” she had been suffering since infancy.

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