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Where to maintain weight loss

So you’ve finally hit your goal weight! Or perhaps you’ve been cutting calories for more than a few months and need a temporary diet break. But where exactly do you go from here? How can you start to add in more of your favorite foods and loosen up restrictions without destroying your progress? It is… Read More »

How much weight loss on a liquid diet

Best weight women. Our members help us keep our quality news free and available diet all. However, that weight loss may be short-lived. Increase Your Protein Intake. Though the “it fad” how to change from year to year keto in, liquid out there’s one fad that won’t much to die: liquid loss. A clear liquid… Read More »

Will diet pepsi help you loose weight?

The fizzy carbonation of Diet Pepsi makes it an appealing addition to your diet. Unlike traditional Pepsi, which contains calories from sugar, Diet Pepsi is a calorie-free choice, which is available in caffeine or caffeine-free configurations. Although Diet Pepsi is a calorie-free beverage, it should not be your only drink while losing weight. Diet Pepsi… Read More »