Trying to get pregnant on the keto diet

By | September 30, 2020

trying to get pregnant on the keto diet

Many clients come to me with fertility issues and want help getting pregnant. When women are eating a low fat diet, this causes their hormones to not produce enough progesterone. When following a low-fat diet, what are women eating? I was guilty of this and dealt with estrogen dominance at a young age. But I now have found balance with my hormones. But since both Craig and I have a passion for adoption and have seen the millions of children who need homes in the orphanages, we feel that we are destined to adopt. Carbohydrates are metabolized into sugars which cause weight gain and insulin resistance which in turn disturbs normal ovulation because it converts healthy estrogen into androgens testosterone. Starch, sugar and caffeine increase androgen production and women often complain about dark hairs on their face and inability to lose weight.

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